For more than fifty years ORC has a programme of continuous development to bring technical advancement to established international PCB manufacturers. As the world’s first manufacturer of a fully automatic machine, we possess the production experience from well over 400 systems which are successfully in use.

Our customers expect technically intelligent and economically efficient machines for their future investments. Therefore we are obliged to provide reliable technology with a high degree of precision.

From our headoffice and production facility in Tokyo, we have Customers service extended our
international service network in Europe since 1992. We are on the spot, we know the problems of PCB production and we know which technology our customers need.

What would ORC be without employees:

Our team has at their command the technical expertise of the whole product range from simple exposure system to fully automatic machines. Furthermore it is important to us that you are professionally advised and looked after.

'We use all of our manifold possibilities to your advantage, with our proven cost-benfit ratio. Thus we are in a position to show you individual solution and alternatives.

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